What does a photographer do when she’s the one that needs maternity pictures? Well, she gets her photography buddies all together to do a mass photo shoot! I cannot say enough good things about our Saturday morning shoot, it was just perfect! We were threatened with rain before hand and a little during the shoot, but other then that the conditions were great.

Jessica, of Jessica V Photography, is glowing and the love that her family has for each other shows through completely. They are eagerly awaiting little Miss Blakely’s arrival, but they’re also relishing this time as a family.

There were four of us total shooting Jessica: David, Keaton, Rachael, and myself. It was wonderful seeing everyone else’s perspectives and seeing their ideas come to life. I have a lot to learn still, and I couldn’t ask for better peers to learn from.

Alright, time for the pics, there are a lot on here because I just couldn’t choose, I love them all! Enjoy!