…and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of! Heard that before? It’s just so true with this little girl. I’ve had the privelege of watching Madi grow up and she is such a beautiful and sweet little girl.

The difference between boys and girls blows me away on a daily basis. Drew, my son, bounces all day, everyday. He’s asking for milk in the kitchen, he’s bouncing as he’s asking. He goes to get a toy he bounces all the way there. He’s loud and crazy and I love him, of course, but to spend an afternoon with a little girl is eye opening. It makes me realize how loud Drew actually is and how rowdy!

Madi was pleasant through the entire shoot. She didn’t yell, she spoke sweetly, and the biggest problem I had was when I asked her to sit a certain way, she’d say, “I don’t really want to right now.” Then I’d tell her we’d do what she wanted right after and voila, she complied happilly! She didn’t run while shaking her head to see if it would make her fall down, she skipped and frolicked! She didn’t bargain to stay in her jammies, she willingly looked forward to the next dress or skirt. What a breath of fresh air!

The majority of this shoot was spent with Madi wearing her favorite things: a tutu and fairy wings. Her mom said that this is how she spends her days, dressing up and entering the world of make believe. I love all these photos and I hope you all love them too. They make me want to be a part of that make believe world, as well. Thank you for letting me capture your sweet little 3 year old!