The Miller Family and I met on Saturday for their second ever family shoot. Due to the supposed rain, we moved our session up to the morning and while it was slightly cooler, it wasn’t cool enough to forget that we’re in the middle of summer in the south! No matter, this family is awesome! They were troopers through the heat and so relaxed.

Right off the bat you could tell that this is a fun and playful family. Michelle and I kept in touch up to the morning of the shoot and she mentioned that her hubby really wanted to include their family Jeep in some of the pictures. Instantly I was excited! This Jeep is something they use on the weekend and she said they do some off-roading behind their house! What a fun prop to include in your family photos!

Overall, it was a fabulous experience, especially getting to see casual, real play not only between the kids, but with the parents, too. Michelle, thank you for contacting me and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. There are many other great ones to come :o)