I met up with the Jackson Family on Saturday and we had a very nice time. As seems to be the standard these days, the weather was threatening rain, so we moved our session up a bit earlier. We started heading down to our location and watched as the clouds just continued to get darker and just for good measure, some thunder was thrown in there, too! But, thankfully once we reached our destination the clouds parted some and we were even blessed with a decent breeze every now and then.

I met Lauren a couple of years ago when they moved here for her hubby to start the same residency program that my hubby is in. They’ve become good friends and are always so laid back and fun to be around. Lauren approached me about doing a large family session for them because Lynn, her husband, is about to deploy for three months to do his research time in Afghanistan. So, Lynn’s family drove in and made it a great get together and also a nice farewell.

So, Jackson Family, here is your sneak peek. It was wonderful to meet you all. Lynn, we will miss you and look forward to your return!

Thank y’all!