I had the opportunity to take a workshop through the Lamarr School – a PPA affiliate school at the beginning of July. It was fabulous and introduced to me by John Wrightenberry, the same one I second shot beside for the May wedding. He’s not only a full time photographer, but also the director for the Lamarr School.

This workshop was created to help professional photographers improve their skills of capturing, enhancing, selling, and providing better service to their clients. The entire seminar was from Sunday to Thursday and included many different kinds of classes that ranged from two to four days. I took the two day Photoshop course, which was excellent! However, I was itching to take some pictures, especially after seeing models walking by our room several times all done up.

Part of the seminar was a hands on experience. The director and other instructors involved organized a Trash the Dress session for us on one of the evenings. I am so incredibly glad I was able to make it for this session. It provided not only a different experience then I’m used to, but some instruction was also given during the shoot.

Really, all I can say is that it was FABULOUS! I would do it again in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone interested. It’s totally worth the expense. So without further babbling from me, here is what I captured at that session….

Thank you to John Wrightenberry and the Lamarr School for a new and exciting adventure in photography!