I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it. You hear all the time that they grow so fast, but you never realize what that means until you have one of your own.

Four years ago today, I was headed to the hospital at around 4:30am. I was only 36 weeks along, but definitely felt like my body could not handle any more.

It’s amazing how much of that early morning and day are sketchy in my memory. I remember driving to the hospital, but not the whole drive. I remember changing into a hospital gown, but not getting to the actual room I was in. I remember seeing 3 doctors during that time because the first one’s shift was over and he was done, so he left it to the other two. I remember repeatedly asking for an epidural just in case they thought I was joking. I remember Charley making some phone calls, but not sure who all was called.

I remember he also sat doing a crossword puzzle to pass the time as I waited for my epidural. Yep, those are my feet he has the paper sitting between while I was lying in pain :oP

I remember after my epidural being quite the happy camper! I felt like I could hang out all day. I was so excited that I even got my own button to push when I felt I needed more meds. The labor part was not difficult; in between contractions and pushing I sat back and chit chatted with the doctors and nurses. Then we were blessed by this little bitty punkin. Andrew Charles Grooters was born at 2:15pm on August 6, 2006. He was four weeks early, but weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce. What a gift!

Everything went smoothly and we got to go home two days later. Later that week, though we were back in the hospital because of jaundice. I think this is where Drew’s beach bum nature really set in! It was a rough night and couple of days, but we made it through.

This is probably the only point where Drew looked a lot more like me than Charley. :o)

One for each year!

It’s amazing how quickly time has gone by. I am so sad when I think of how fast it’s going, but I love every minute that passes with my little man.

So here’s to remembering the past…

…and celebrating the future! Drew, you’ve made every struggle worthwhile and every happiness magnified! I love you and happy 4th birthday!