Each year in Augusta, GA there is a balloon festival that is held on our military base and each year I have said I wanted to go. Unfortunately, I have been able to get to it because it starts so early and when it comes down to it, I can’t drag myself out of bed!

Well, this year I had two things to motivate me to get there:

  1.  This will be the last year I have a chance to go to this particular balloon festival since we will be leaving Augusta in June. My husband’s residency will come to an end and we will be moving who knows where all too soon. 
  2. I have been put on bedrest (or as much bedrest you can be on with a 4 year old running around) for the remainder of my pregnancy. My body doesn’t seem to want to hold on to these twinlets much longer, so I have been told to behave. Naturally, due to the new doctor’s order, I wanted to go even more!

My idea was I’d get up there bring my chair and sit through the whole thing. Well, that would be fine and dandy if I for one, didn’t park 1/2 a mile away (maybe it wasn’t that far) and had to walk lugging a chair, blanket, purse, camera bag (of course), and a tray of coffee, and two if I could keep myself in my chair! I can’t possibly be in this situation and sit the entire time. Anyway, I was chaperoned by the Brewers so I wasn’t worried and thankfully, they drove me back to my vehicle so I didn’t have to walk back to my car again. Why did I park so far to begin with? I have no idea, I just parked where we usually do to see fireworks, but there was no need. I’m sticking to my story of needing to make a dramatic entrance!

Anyway, it was a very fun morning and I’m glad I got to go before leaving Augusta. Below are the photos from today. Enjoy!