It’s almost T-day (twinlet day)! These babies are hanging in there like champs. I’m 34 weeks and I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this long. My doctor goes back and forth between, “Oh, it could be any day or a week” and as of tonight, “I’m confident you can make it another week and a half or two weeks.” I’m beginning to wonder about her…

Anyway, we have had to do some things to get ready for these little monkeys, mainly getting two of the important things like carriers, cribs, etc. The biggest purchase we’ve had to make is a larger vehicle since my sweet little Rodeo wouldn’t hold all of us, not even close. 

We’ve worked on the room a little bit. We painted and moved things around a bit, but we really haven’t gone crazy in decorating this room. I’m planning on putting many photos on the wall along with some shelves, so for now they are bare.  Below is a bit of a peek of what we have going on and a sneak peek of what things look like.

Keep visiting the blog, I’m sure there will be many updates posted here!