Well, as many of you know already, the twinlets (aka squatters) have arrived!

I have been surprised several times over with this pregnancy starting with finally finding out that I was pregnant after trying for 2 1/2 years.  Then, by finding out a couple weeks later that we were having TWINS! If you’d like to see more of our story of finding out, clickhere.

The surprises continued with having to be on “bedrest” because I was dilating early, then the little buggers became squatters and managed to hold on to 37 weeks and 1 day. I think the threat of being induced four days later was enough to get things moving.

My water broke at around 5:15pm, we got to the hospital about 6:15pm, and I was fully dilated – they considered not even trying to give me my epidural, my only demand through this entire process! They did give in and let me have it and I was so relieved, however, it didn’t fully kick in until after William was born at 7:43pm – I felt that whole thing, minus the contractions, Bradley on the other hand, who was born 12 minutes later was less painful and I’m thankful for the epidural even though it was late and not fully effective.

October 16, 2010 will forever be a blessing for me and my family and I will be able to remember every moment and detail thanks to my dear friend, Rachael, who happens to be an amazing photographer.  This brave girl traveled across the country from Portland, Oregon with her two young boys (Aden, 4 & Carter, 2) all to be here for me. While I can’t believe the babies actually waited for her, I’m so thrilled that they did.

Birth photography is a very personal choice, but an amazing, amazing thing.  I’ll be the first to admit that I completely wrote the idea off when I heard of having a photographer in the room with you. To me, it’s such a personal moment and also one where there is little modesty (very difficult for me to share with others as I am very modest about this sort of thing).  Anyway, Rachael mentioned it a while back and I said no way. Then she shared an example with me from another photographer, and I have to admit my interest was piqued.  The moment I changed my mind was when she shot a birth for her sister-in-law. I was blown away and in tears and I thought it would be an incredible way to cherish such a special day.

And so our mission of getting Rachael here for the birth of my long awaited twin boys was a success. Visit her page for the slideshow if you’d like to share in the moment with us.

And, before signing out, here are our new little boys!

William John Grooters – 6lbs 19in.

Bradley James Grooters – 5lbs 14oz, 19in.