It’s no secret that my sweet little boy is and has been obsessed with Peter Pan since he was about 13 months old. He lives for everything Peter Pan and it has not worn off even a little bit since the first time he watched the movie.

Drew has the little characters that he plays with daily. They watch him eat, they join him in the bath, and he plays with them all the time in between.  If for some reason he doesn’t have his Peter Pan characters with him, he uses other things in their place…markers, food, even his own fingers (each one playing a different part).

Last year when I pulled out the Peter Pan costume, the smile that crossed his face was absolutely priceless. This year, however, he decided to switch sides, he’s gone to the dark side, at least for a day.  He was adorable in this fabulous costume, but he’ll always be my little Peter Pan.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!