I awoke this morning to my precious 4 year old jumping onto the right side of my bed asking me what that beeping sound was. I realized after I came out of my dazed state that it was my alarm, that had been going off for about twenty minutes.  I glanced at Drew and his wild hair and he smiled at me sweetly. I then glanced over to my other side to see one twinlet snuggled by my body and the other sleeping soundly in the co-sleeper.  I took it all in, took a deep breath, then  ready-set-go, time to start the day!

We went about our normal Tuesday morning routine of getting Drew ready for school, only this time we had to be sure there was enough time to also get the babies fed, changed, dressed, changed again, redressed, buckled in their seats and out the door.  I forgot how much was involved in getting a newborn out the door, let alone two.  However, we made it to school only 3 minutes late (I’m getting better), and in enough time to let Drew walk in by himself – his Tuesday ritual.  I scooted up in the car line to let the other cars leave and I watched Drew as he slowly meandered down the sidewalk and headed to his building, slowly, oh so slowly, did I mention he was going slowly? He kept peeking at me to see if I was still watching and although he’d try not to, he’d smile and wave. 

I needed to run to the grocery store next, but not before a quick trip for my favorite treat – the splendid white chocolate mocha from Starbucks – heaven in a cup is what it is.  So, through the drive thru we went, then headed towards the grocery store, and drove right by and headed home. The twinlets needed to be fed again soon and instead of feeding one at a time in the car while sitting in Drew’s car seat (yes, I did that yesterday), I opted for home and to head back out.

We made it to get the essentials: bananas, vegetables, and italian ice. We returned home where I sat down to answer some emails and make some phone calls. Then, it was off to pick Drew up from school.

I’m sitting here now with both babies asleep by my side (after yet another feeding), Drew is upstairs sleeping before playgroup, and I glanced over at my heaven in a cup. It’s only now that I noticed what the sleeve said and it made me stop to think about my morning and my story. 

 Everyone has a story, each and every minute of your day you are simultaneously writing and living your own story. Each story is a gift and each one should be shared. Photos, for me, enhance those stories and help keep them bright and vibrant in my mind.  Just with this little photo I know that this day will be remembered in detail depsite the lack of drama or extreme excitement. I will remember this day for what it is – simple, slightly chaotic, a treasured series of moments.

What you may notice in the picture is not only my inspiration for today’s post, but also bits of my life spread across my coffee table, all completely real pieces of my today. What you don’t see is the other half of my coffee table that houses my “home office” – the laptop, Baby Wise – to figure out if letting the twinlets sleep through the night without a feeding is for me, the bucket of Halloween candy that holds the remainder of our goodies – depleting quickly, photography magazines and resources stacked 5 inches high, passies, dental floss, and more. And this is only my coffee table, people!!! Imagine what the rest of my house looks like right now and you’ll have a glimpse into my crazy, but incredible life right now.

Take a moment to think about your story….and share it :o) Happy Tuesday!