“The view from our room.”

I sat in the parking lot of First Baptist Church about to pick up Drew from school when I received that text from Rachael. It was a very cold and windy day here in good old Augusta, GA and my dear, sweet friend felt the need to taunt me with pictures from her balcony hotel room in Hawaii, which overlooked the ocean! So, not to be outdone I took a picture of the parking lot of the church and texted her, “The view from my car.” Rachael found this funny, which is another reason we’re friends – she thinks I’m funny :o).

I came up with an idea at that very moment for us to just go around taking random pictures with the caption of “The View” for each one. It could be anything, beautiful scenery, an attractive person, an interesting perspective on something, something we found funny, etc. Rachael being Rachael said she was game.

So, we’ve decided to expand on our idea to create our own inspiration and photography project for 2011. I’m so very excited about this project. Throughout the year I will post “My View” weekly and throughout the month we’ll have a shared project. My mind is spinning with ideas for this project and I will be starting it this week.


The View: Life Moving Too Fast


This was the first day Drew walked into school all by himself. I asked him several times if he really wanted to do it. We made a deal that he could walk in himself on Tuesdays and I could walk him in on Thursdays. He hopped out of the car, and continued walking without turning around. I scooted a little further up in the car line and watched him go all the way inside. As soon as he was safely inside, I started crying. I cried all the way to the bookstore, parked the car, and proceeded to bawl, the ugly kind of crying.

Dramatic and extreme? Perhaps. But at that moment I got a glimpse of how quickly life is going by and that it’s only going to move faster. I was so proud of Drew, yet heartbroken. It makes me tear up just to write this.

It’s for this reason and a million others I haven’t even thought of yet, that I am starting this project. Stay tuned and invite others to see my view.