“I would never leave the house if I were in your shoes.”

It amazes me how many times I’ve heard this from so many different people. People with kids, too.  It may take quite a bit to get me out the door, but when we’re out everything is easier, way easier. This may not always be the case, but for now the twinlets generally sleep the whole time. If they wake up, they are just observing everything around them, then they go back to sleep to dream and recover from what they’ve seen.

The days that we stay home, holy smokes, now those are the hard days. It’s like they received a memo saying, “To Whom it May Concern, You have free reign when remaining in the house and over all who reside in said house. ”

The favorite passtime seems to go as follows: Twinlet A: Waaaah, wahhh, mmmbaaahhh (all while Twinlet B watches and coos in the swing). I settle Twinlet A and as if he passed the baton on to the next runner, Twinlet B takes the lead.  Somedays this goes on all day. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Sheesh!

Of course, they are still the cutest twinlets that ever existed, I’m not biased, I know not what you speak of. However, I have to say somedays…

It’s a Jungle in Here!