*Unfortunately, somewhere along the line I lost several photos including ones that were shared by our participants. I’m so sorry to have lost them on these first editions (I believe during one of my computer crashes). Please forgive me, but I’d love for y’all to continue to join us!

I love that this project has spread across the country. We literally have people joining us from DC, Georgia, Texas, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, and Chicago! That is pretty awesome, my friends, pretty awesome, indeed.  Especially considering how it got its start. This post is a long one, just so you know. The ones in the future probably won’t be so wordy, but since it’s the beginning, it is what it is.

Our project this week was an “Our View” assignment where we each take a picture at a specific time. This photo is not necessarily going to be something fantastic or mind blowing, it’s a snapshot of a moment in our day.  The significance is to have a window into each other’s worlds at a particular time. What I may be doing or seeing is likely to be drastically different then what you are doing or seeing. It makes it even more exciting when it spans across the country.

Alrighty, here’s my 10am along with Marcela’s and the West Coaster’s below my story. Our initial goal for this project was to connect “Our Views” to have another way to keep ourselves connected (it has since expanded as you will see below). You can click on their names to read the story behind their timed view.

I think my photo captures my morning perfectly. It was taken from the driver seat of my car (while I sat at a red light). You’ll see my two large bins purchased at Target, which I carried home with the wrong sized lids…twice, grrrr! Getting those bins was an adventure in itself, so coming home with the wrong lids twice is enough to make me want to pull my hair out! Anyway, you’ll also notice my diaper bag that I lusted after and decided to treat myself to, a Shutterbug magazine from last month that I still have not been able to read, but intended to at the doctor’s office (silly me), and finally, the item that seems to capture everything is the itzbeen attached to my diaper bag.

I had been running against the clock since I awoke about 6am. My entire day continued to be a never ending race, and I thought it was only fitting that while I was rushing to get the babies to the doctor, the itzbeen would flash it’s obnoxious red light at me saying it was time to feed the babies. It’s as if it was tapping its little digital foot, while shaking its head, judging me. I have a love-hate relationship with my itzbeen, you see. I couldn’t live without it as I always forget to watch the clock and which baby ate on which side last, but every time that thing starts flashing I feel my sense of urgency increasing. Ok, click here Marcela and here  Rachael for their view 🙂

Well, there you go, that is our view  from 10am. Now, the fun stuff. Many of you have jumped on the bandwagon and sent me your photo of your view at 10am. Below are the photos, in no particular order, of those who chose to participate along with their description. If you chose to post your photo on your own blog, be sure to comment on this post with your link, so we can check out your view, too!  Be sure to send your friends to see our project and all the other participants’ photos.  And, of course, it’s not too late to join us. Our next assignment is at the very end, so keep reading :o)

(A) Blood by Heather Fielder – Picture taken at Augusta Tech in my Anatomy and Physiology class

(B) Photo by Erin Hykin – This was going to be a much more interesting picture of the beautiful snowy view of our street, but by the time I got the camera together (battery and memory), Zach had finished his snack and wanted to be picked up.  NOW.

(C) Photo by Marrietta Merito – My view from the office window. That’s the pacific ocean waay out there just past the hospital. It’s my ‘ocean view’ @ work, Newport Beach, CA.

(D) Photo by Larissa Baggett: Friendswood, TX
I was in class, and the kids were taking a test.

 (E) Photo by Susie Carpenter: Friendswood, TX-Every day at 10:00 my class is in the middle of Reader’s Workshop.  During this time students are reading independently from books of their choice, I’m confering with students and meeting with small groups.  This photo shows a little girl in my class enjoying her book in her independent reading spot (she chose to sit between our huge recycling bin and the bin of clipboards).  I love this time of day because children are enjoying reading.  We are always working on how to live a life as a reader.  My students truly cherish this time in their day and often get upset if schedules have to be changed.  It has been amazing watching them grow as readers!!

(F)  Photo by Stephanie Henry: Evans, GA-I actually thought I would still be at the Doctor at 10 rechecking Matthew’s ears. Surprisingly we had a quick visit.  I was just about to turn into the lumber yard at10 where I’m having an interior garage door made.

Thank you to all who shared your photos with me, and I look forward to seeing other links in the comment section.


Be on the lookout all around you for something that signifies solitude to you and be ready to share. Again, have your photo to me by Sunday evening if you’d like me to post your photo. Email your photo to melissa@melissaaphotography.com

Everyone else, be sure to comment on this post with your link to your blog post on our 10am view, so I can check it out.