I can’t possibly be turning 30 this year. I think  you’re mistaking, don’t be cruel.

I know, I know, lots of people “LOVE” 30 and it’s not that big of a deal. I, however, am not so fond of 30. I wasn’t fond of 29, either, which is why after turning the dreaded 29, I let myself forget I had a birthday and went back to being 28. This may seem so silly to some of you, which is perfectly fine. I’m glad you feel so comfortable with your age or that you did when you turned 30, but I’m not going quietly!

So, now on to what this post was really supposed to be about….

I intended to do a post about running, something I’ve missed dearly since getting pregnant and having the twinlets. It’s something that has become an important part of me, something I knew I’d miss, but didn’t realize how much or how much I need it to set my brain right. It all came rushing back to me two weeks ago when Marcela and I went out for my first run! We decided to take it slow and light, 2 miles was the plan.  I was really nervous about it, wondering if my body would immediately start laughing at me, just before going on strike. I could even picture my body picketing with a sign that read, “Idiot!”

The morning ended up being beautiful and we hit the trail.  I looked at Marcela, and said, “This feels pretty good.” Within the first couple of cautious steps, it’s as if my body new exactly what to do! Suddenly, I was picking  up the pace a bit and even doing a little jump in between strides! I looked at Marcela again this time saying, “Oh my goodness, this feels awesome! I didn’t think it would feel this good! It doesn’t hurt at all!” She just smiled at me and continued running. The high of the first run never dropped off, however, I do wish to report that by about 1/2 a mile in, I started breathing heavy and saying things like, “Oh, it’s a bit harder now,” and “Hmmm, maybe I started off too fast.” Well, we completed our two miles and we did walk for a minute a couple of times, but the point is we got out there, it felt wonderful, and I reconnected with a true love!

There’s just something about that moment when your legs warm up and suddenly they just go! It is a truly wonderful feeling.

Now, back to my initial rant above…The other night when I was in mid sentence about something else and the number 30 came creeping into my head…yes, that night when I was shocked to learn that I, too, would be heading that direction much too soon. Well, it was then that I said, “That does it, now I HAVE to do the Music City Half Marathon, I HAVE to.” I was planning on it being my come back run, anyway, but now, it’s like it’s been set in stone, especially since the race is April 30th – just a few days before I turn 30! Perfect! The one and only thing that can get in my way now is if all the running depletes my milk supply. I won’t do it if it means I can’t nurse my babies any more, but I will work hard to see if I can make it.

With all that said, I’ve created my running schedule and I’m determined. Who’s with me? Because like I said, I’m not going quietly!