Well, hello again, everyone! We are up to week 4 of The View Photography Project and it’s still going strong. This week has been a little insane, but I’m very proud of myself for still remembering to get this done.

Our assignment for this week was to take a photo at 8pm EST. The purpose for this one was to get “The View” from everyone across the country simultaneously. Previously, we’ve taken a photo at 10am in each time zone, but this week we’ve made a way to connect across time zones. How interesting it is to see what everyone is doing at the same exact minute (plus or minus one – we won’t come hunt you down if you were off a bit).

So, this week at 8pm EST, I was breaking up my first twinlet fight!

Who do you think would win if we were to hypothetically put money on them? Bradley’s got the the meat on him, but Will seems to have a knack for the sneak attack, and the smarts to look completely  innocent.

I swear to you that this was not set up in any way shape or form. I’ve mentioned it before, I’m passionate about photography, which means my camera is with me at all times. As usual it was just an arms reach away. I picked it up to get ready for our assignment and as if Will knew he needed to perform, he gave me this gift!

Now, remember this whole thing began in part, as a way for Marcela, Rachael and I to connect in another way, so here are their views:

                                                         West Coaster                                                                               Marcela

As for the rest of our fabulous participants, check out what everyone else was up to this week.

A. Carol Carter – Clay Alabama: My photo was taken at 7pm CST (8pm EST) Tuesday Jan 18. I was at the Trusville YMCA and our Zumba class was just starting.

B. Susie Carpenter – Texas: Here is my view from 7:00 p.m. Tuesday.  This is my sweet little girl, Addie.  I was in the middle of giving her a bath.  This time of night is so special to me because she is winding down for the evening and she gets so sweet!  This is our time to play with each other and have our mother/daughter time.   I’m cherishing these moments because I know how quickly they go by.  It seems like just yesterday I was sharing these same moments with my son Cade.  He is now four, and boy, has bath time changed with him!!

C. Marrietta Merito – California: I was lucky enough to work from home this week, so my view at 8pm EST (5pm PST) was
sitting at the dining room table watching/helping Kylie doing her homework while I worked.  Much better than my normal 5pm view of my desk.

D. “Bed Time” by Heather Fielder – Evans, GA: 8:00 just so happens to be the busiest time of our night because its bedtime for both my monsters. So for my picture we were reading our bedtime story.

E. Larissa Baggett – Friendswood, TX: Tuesday, at 7pm central, I was at a friend’s house for our weekly church small group. The picture is of the dinner and dessert that we had just finished devouring. My group can cook (and eat) some food! This is one of my favorite times of the week, filling myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Way to go everyone! I’m so glad to have y’all sharing your time with us so that we can get to know you better, and so you can document some things for yourself. If nothing else, it’s a way to keep yourself accountable! So, here’s next week’s assignment…


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to photograph something…..PURPLE! You can make this as easy or challenging as you choose. I would suggest to try to think outside the box and stretch yourself, try to avoid the obvious and see how creative you can be.

As always, please email your photo to me: melissa@melissaaphotography.com by Sunday evening if you’d like me to include it in the post. Include your name, location, and a brief description. If you’d like to post it on your own blog, please comment on my post with the link so that we can check it out 🙂

Have a great week everyone, happy shooting!