Oh my what a crazy week this has been. So, due to my impromptu trip to Texas to visit my grandmother before she passed, I am behind with all things. I worked on my purple on Sunday, but I was not happy with the result, so it had to be redone today.

A few years back when people would ask me what my favorite color was, I would immediately say blue, but it was really purple. I have no idea why I would lie about my favorite color. I never corrected myself either. It’s as if it was a protected secret. Now, however, I can honestly say that it’s not my favorite color, at least not today. As many things with girls, it all depends…my favorite color depends on the day, the weather, my mood.

Here is my purple:

This was pretty fun. I think it would be cool to see how it would have worked if I had done a drop of red and a drop of blue to see if it would mix as it fell. Maybe next time.

Here’s what everyone else found this week!

A. Ashley Blanchard – Augusta, GA: I caught a sweet sister moment between Elliette & Cadence. This picture was taken this evening in our backyard. It is our first time to play outside in over a week because we’ve all been sick! When you themed this week purple, I was so excited because it’s Elliette’s FAVORITE color! Of course, I totally forgot all about it and then noticed that Cadence was wearing purple while the girls were playing, so I ran inside real quick to grab my camera.

B. Larissa Baggett – Houston, TX: I was on the lookout at the beginning of the week for purple, but life took over and I forgot until I poured some medicine for my son last night. Aha- purple! And there is a line of his other medicines in back of it.

C. & D. – Heather Fielder – Evans, GA: I have two purple pictures I really couldnt pick which one I liked more.

E. Maggie Lueg – Grovetown, GA: This is a picture I took from my back deck a couple nights ago.  The color was extraordinary and although perhaps not *purple* exactly… a beautiful sight.  It was my last night of maternity leave, which I have mixed feelings about… but sadly now I only get home after dark, so I was thankful to be able to capture this shot. This is exactly the color it was… I didn’t alter this on the computer at all!  Promise! Another good reason to play around with my new lens too!

F. Stephanie Henry – GA: When I thought about the color purple, nothing immediately came to mind.  But then I wandered around the fabric store and Voila!!  Purple fabric.

Way to go everyone! I love to see that yall are starting to tote those cameras with you everywhere! Fabulous! If you’d like to see what the West Coaster is up to this week click here and Marcela’s click here.


Our View @ 12:30pm EST on Saturday, February 5th. That means 11:30am central time, 9:30 on the West coast, you get the idea. If you want your photo included in my post, please be sure to send it to me no later than Sunday at melissa@melissaaphotography.com and if you have your own blog that you’re posting on, be sure to comment on next week’s post with your link so we can see what you’re up to.

Happy shooting!