Valentine’s Day has come and gone and still no post? Gasp! In my defense, I am a total procrastinator for one, and two, we were flying across the country on Vday, so I’m excused. 

I did get together with my buddy Marcela to try to get a few indoor Valentine photos of all the kids a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped. Jackson wasn’t feeling well, Drew was exhausted and didn’t want to cooperate, they were tattling on each other when out of sight and being difficult when in sight. And the babies…oh the babies, they were actually the best behaved, but shortly after setting up they needed to eat. So, the timing wasn’t great and I was worn out before being halfway through. However, we did get a few shots. They’re admittedly not my favorites, I know I can do better as a photographer (which is why we tried again outdoors – that post coming soon), but I still had to share a few.

So, here I am sharing the love, from us to all of you, happy belated Valentine’s Day (part 1) 🙂

I intended to set up this whole thing again to try it under better circumstances, but life got in the way, so maybe for the next holiday. At least I have pictures of cute baby bits and my sweet guy.