I must admit that I spent the week wondering what in the world I was going to do for my view of favorite. My mind ran in circles thinking of all my favorite things. I went from things like feeling the sunshine on my face or running in the rain to favorite foods, which that list is entirely too long, to favorite places.

My list was daunting because I just didn’t know where to start. I went about our vacation week in San Diego pretty much ignoring our assignment. It wasn’t until I loaded our vacation pictures on my computer that it was clear. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate these things before, but there’s just something about seeing these pictures and having our assignment on the mind that helped me put words to what my favorite things really are.

 I couldn’t narrow it down to one, but figured I’m allowed to have multiples 🙂 So, here they are:

Watching Charley be a father to his boys, especially since he misses so much as he works hard to support us.


 Watching Drew experience new things (and Will and Bradley, as well).  Watching Drew’s imagination in the works…


 I can’t think of anything that could top these moments.

We had some great participation this week. Below are some great favorites 🙂


A. Erin H. – I didn’t read the assignment until today, a day of chores, but my favorite chore is laundry.  When we first got married, my husband traveled all the time and when he came home, I would do tons of laundry to get him ready for the next week.  He told me that seeing all his clean shirts in the closet, undershirts in the drawer and socks neatly folded, everything smelling fresh, made him feel so loved and cared for.  Ever since, I really enjoy doing laundry for my family.  After all, who else loves you enough to clean all your clothes?

B. Jordan N. – Martinez, GA:  For me, working in a quilt shop is like being a kid in a candy store. I just LOVE fabric. But even more than that, I love the POSSIBILITIES of fabric, especially how a flat, one-dimensional  object can turn into something three-dimensional like a purse, a dress or a even a pieced quilt. The possibilities are endless. There is aspecial place at my work where I put my favorite fabrics–some customers know this about me–so, I just had to take a photo of it.

C. Larissa B. – This week’s assignment led me to think about so many of my favorites- books, family, Chipotle, my iPad, love, the list goes on. But I chose to focus on my favorite daughter (and only one) and her favorite- her “B.” She has had this soft bear since she was born and has slept with it since she was very young. This shot shows how she sleeps with it, on her shoulder and resting on her neck. Our favorite things are ours to offer comfort, happiness, and stability. B is her comfort.

D. Maggie L. – I would love to say I am more creative than this… but this was a sight on my kitchen table after my daughter opened and dumped out a new package of crayons.  I forget how much I love the perfect little points (which never last long!). Definitely my *favorite*… at least as art projects are concerned.

I love all of your views of favorites. It’s so great to get to know everyone a little better through these assignments. Also, I’m happy to see everyone keeping their cameras close by, if not carrying them around everywhere 🙂


Our next assignment them is HUMOR. I look forward to seeing everyone’s take on this one. If you’d like your photo included, please have it to me by Sunday night. Happy shooting!