There’s something about the rain that comforts me. I love the days when the blanket of dark clouds convince me to keep my jammies on. It’s as if they’re willing me to  crawl back into bed and promising to pause the rest of the world so that I can snuggle with  my boys. Today happened to be one of those days, for a little while at least. The pause didn’t last too long, but it was enough capture a few snuggly moments before we resumed our usual broadcast!

While that rain comforts me, I truly enjoy the moments that follow. The clouds begin to break and go their separate ways, the birds begin to sing as if they’re welcoming the returning sun, and you can still hear the drops fall from the leaves despite their best attempts to hold on to that moment. Although it cannot last, they like us, try to linger in a peaceful solitude. We, like them, must move on with our day and our lives, until we are graced by the blanket again.

The submissions for this week were great, along with their stories. Also, be sure to check out Rachael’s view along with Marcela’s.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and be sure to keep your cameras handy for our upcoming assignments!

A. Erin Hykin: We might hate it when the water is the rain outside, but we love the water in the tub!

B. Maggie Lueg – Grovetown, GA: We spend a lot of our time here getting soaked by “double drool” from bubba chubs double chins!

C. Jordan Nuques, Martinez, GA: Water. For this assignment, I didn’t have to go further than my front yard. The water fountain came with our house. I love the feng shui qualities it brings and the cool trickling sound of the water on a hot summer day. As I was trying to frame the shot, my kids were playing in the background. I just kept shooting, figuring I’d just delete those shots later, but when I
started going through the photos, I kept coming back to this one. I love my girls. I waited a long time for them. My life would not be the same without them. One of the definitions of fountain is: the source from where something proceeds or is supplied. So, it is only right that I choose the photo that includes Scarlett and Giovanna. They are the source of my love and inspiration. They are my fountain. 

D. Stephanie McWhorter: basically while I was trying to be all artistic and get a cool pic for water, Miss P decided she wanted to join in the fun.  Next thing I know she is out on the deck in her jammies, playing in the rain.  So of course I just had to snap away.

E. & F. Stephanie Henry – Martinez, GA: I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I saw the next topic was water.  The boys and I love to take a detour when heading up to Evans.  We drive up Washington Rd and turn at Brown Seed & Feed.  Behind the Feed Barn is a small pond, Big Boy’s pond.  Big Boy is an eight foot alligator who lives in the pond.  Every now and again we are lucky enough to see him and the boys just love it.  So we drove up on a sunny day hoping he was out.  He was!!  He was in a perfect place, so visible.  The
problem, I forgot my camera.  Shame on me.  So here are two pics of the pond from my cell phone.  (The zoomed one he is almost dead center.  The regular pic shows most of the pond but he looks tiny in it.)  It is such a  cute little pond.

G. Heather Fielder: “A Young Man’s Throne” – I had already submitted my picture for the View this week when Jordan gave me a
GREAT idea. So here I am 10:42 at night editing my picture to submit. This  picture totally represents my weekend. Oh, by was the water flowing at my house  this weekend as I attempt to try and potty train my VERY stubborn son. At first  it wasn’t working but I thinking he is starting to get the hang of it. I  recommend the naked method to any one that is also trying to potty train. Hope
you like it. : )

Thank you all for participating, it makes this so much more fun!


Our next assignment will be based on the following quote: “Beware the Ides of March.” Yep, are those wheels turning yet? The photos for this one will be due on Sunday, as usual, however, I will be posting on Tuesday, the 15th (to keep with the theme) instead of Monday. This change is only for this week. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for this topic. Happy shooting!