Fair warning, this is a post full of nonsensical rambling. Also, I love the word nonsensical.

Friday morning I hobbled around my house trying to clean up. Not too easy to do that and take care of the kiddos with my back hurting. Thankfully, a sweet friend offered to come watch the kids while I went to get a massage! Oh, the fabulousness (I don’t care if that’s not really a word) that is a massage when you’re in pain!

Anyway, it helped a little. I waddled now more than hobbled and I went back home, said goodbye to my friend, and got the kiddos all settled. 2:32pm was fast approaching, and I knew that there was not going to be too much going on so, I just accepted that y’all would get more information then you probably would like about my lunch.

I prepared a lovely salami and cheese bagelwich that made me think of my grandmother. She used to buy those rolls of salami. You know, the ones in the small roll that are likely to induce a heart attack by opening the package and are likely not approved by the FDA? Yep, those….and she’d cut thick slices for us to snack on. So, I was very excited to enjoy my bagelwich and walk down memory lane when I realized that I had my bagelwich upside-down. Does this irritate anyone else? It drives me crazy when I make my sandwich upside-down.  I looked at it with the cheese laying on the bottom, looking lifeless and distraught by its demotion. Then to make things even worse, the bottom of the bagel became the top! Blasphemy! Perhaps I put too much thought into my lunch, I can honestly say that this whole episode of irritation that I had lasted only a few moments, despite the fact that I’ve managed to create a whole paragraph about it. And really it wasn’t important enough to fix, just to irritate me through my lunch.

What is the solution to this kind of predicament, I ask you? Facebook. That’s right, I sat down with my salami turnover, opened my calendar to review April’s events, and check Facebook. The warm fuzzies returned and I was able to eat my lunch, only mildly distracted for the full 60 seconds that I was documenting my view.

I’m sure Rachael and Marcela had to have something better than this, right?

Here’s what our other participants were up to!


A. Heather Fielder, Evans, GA: OK so I have to confess that I didn’t take my picture at 2:32 because right  after I got out of school I had hurry home and pack up the car before I had to  get Madison and Sean. I did look at the clock at 2:32 and this is what I saw. My
car fully packed for our trip to Savannah so I could do my Coast Guard drills. So I did take the picture as soon as I could.  

B.Jordan Nuques, Martinez, GA, The View: At exactly 2:32 pm on April 1st I was working at the fabric shop and I had my camera ready to go. Along comes an unsuspecting co-worker and SNAP! Turns out she’s camera shy. Too bad for her. It was also an epiphanous (is that a word?) moment for me as I came to the self-realization that this photographer can be very merciless when trying to get her shot. Not that I categorize myself with the paparazzi, but I gained an inkling of where they are coming from.


Alrighty, next week’s assignment is OppOsIteS. Did you like that? I’ll admit, it made me smile. For those that didn’t like it, the topic is opposites. 🙂 Get your photos to me by Sunday and we’ll see what everyone comes up with. Happy shooting!