I had an incredible opportunity the other day to join Jessica, another local photographer on a newborn shoot. Now this wasn’t just any newborn session, it was newborn TWIN BOYS! You know I love me some twin boys, which could partially be due to my own twin boys, but these little ones were just as sweet.

Twins are an incredible journey. Everything goes flying by even faster since you rarely get any down time, especially if you have other kiddos. In a blink of an eye those difficult nights and moments wondering if you can drag yourself through the day are gone. In a blink of an eye, those teeny tiny babies are rolling around and babbling away.

You recall that moment you were told you’re having twins and the possible uncertainty that went with it. Then, you look down at your precious bundles and think they were supposed to come in pairs and you couldn’t imagine it any other way.


Thanks again to Jessica of Jessica V Photography for inviting me along to capture these cuties! You can see more photos of the twins on her blog!