Kids are pretty easy to read, in fact, most times there is not much reading involved because they flat out tell you what they are thinking. No censor button, no volume control, just brutal childlike honesty. They will tell you what they see, what they heard, what they think about in a given situation, what they believe, what they make believe, and oh so much more.

I love it, I do. Even the words that really should have been filtered. You know the words, the ones that make your face flush bright red and send you into a cold sweat. The ones that make you want to tell the person that you don’t really talk that way!

As much as I love the transparency of children’s thoughts, I really enjoy those moments you catch them quietly observing. It’s those times that I sit back and watch quietly. It’s those times that make me wonder what Drew is seeing, his perspective, what thoughts are going through his mind. It’s those times that I try to see through his innocent eyes, the world that has not yet been tainted. It’s those moments that make me want to stand back and watch and run and hold him at the same time.

 Check out Rachael and Marcela’s view for this week.

A. Heather Fielder: When the option of what to take of picture of was left in my hands I found myself overwhelmed with the all the options of things I could do. I had several pictures in mind but I decided on this one. I took it the night before Easter and in case you didn’t know it’s of our camp fire. It’s just one of the many things I like about camping.  It keeps you warm, you can make s’mores, and it’s very mesmerizing. I hope you like it.

B.Jordan Nuques, Martinez, GA, The View:  I chose a photo taken of Scarlett reaching for the last Easter egg of the hunt. It was the one that the kids couldn’t find and we had to play the game where I said, “You’re getting cold, now you’re getting warmer . . . ” Then it was their turn to hide the eggs and turn to find them!

C.Stephanie Henry: My favorite food of the year.  We only make this at Easter time.  It is called Sauerkraut pie or as my grandfather called it, Kapusta Pizza.  It is an old Slavic recipe handed down from my Grandfather’s side.  Basically it is sauerkraut and onions in a bread.  It is my favorite food of all time.  My Grandmother taught me to make them when I was little.  This year was great because most of her kids and grandkids made them.  I know she would be proud.  🙂


…is to be announced. For those that don’t know, my computer (yep, my barely a year old computer) completely crashed and died yesterday. So, I don’t have my list of assignments on hand. So, I will update this post and let y’all know on the fan page what our next assignment will be. So sorry for the delay.