Oh, my dear sweet blog followers, I do apologize for my absence. For those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook (for some strange reason – quick run over now and get to it!) or don’t know me personally to listen to my whining….my computer….


I know, I know!!! Terrible, right?! Obviously, it’s not the end of the world, there are far, far worse things, however, it is terribly inconvenient and has forced me to neglect my blog, fans, friends, and my photos!

It all started with my computer sitting right in front of me, I wasn’t even touching it and it suddenly made “pooffth” sound and went black. Hmmm, now I’m not a computer genius (shhhh, no mocking), but I do know that it’s not supposed to do that! So, I tried to reboot and got the blue screen of death (insert dramatic music here – dun, dun, dunnnn)! It read, “Fatal System Error.”

So, after many phone calls and a couple of heated emails to Toshiba, I shipped it off, was ignored for a while, finally responded to saying they were elevating it to the “No Problem Found” team (Aside: Why the heck do they even have a team for this?) since they couldn’t duplicate the problem, and finally told me it would be an additional 7-10 days to repair and 2-5 days to ship it back. So, it’s been fun.

Since I’m ranting, I will continue with my other technology woes…while all that is going on with my computer, my phone, which will no longer take pictures was dubbed as a malfunctioning phone just after my warranty ran out and I can’t upgrade until September. My husband’s computer, which I’m using in the meantime would not let me view any photos that I took, and my router (after much research and finally the help of a super smart friend) broke and somehow, somehow managed to block everything and only everything that had to do with Melissa Ann Photography! Seriously! That meant no blog, email, or website. Sheesh! I did something to really irritate the technology gods, and I do apologize completely.

The good news is, that my computer will be returned by this week – YAY! I have a TON of sessions, personal things, and The View project things to post and I will try to get caught up throughout this next week.

For now, I am signing off to try to catch up on said things, but I leave you with a photo of yesterday’s excitement! I participated in my first ever Ft. Gordon Marine Corp Mud Run with 3 other fabulous ladies. It was a 5 mile course with 19 obstacles and LOADS of mud. It was FANTASTIC!

This photo was taken by a local photographer friend, Sharon of Scribbletime Photography – Yay for having photography friends! Check out her stuff, she does all sorts of things, but loves her event photography. She was even the photographer for our Augusta Extreme Home Makeover show! Very cool.

So, thank you, Sharon for the photos and thank you to my fans, friends, and family for being patient with me. See you soon!