Can you believe it? I’m back, I’m really back. Technically, I need to take this beast of a computer in to be repaired again, but I just can’t do it until I’ve caught up a bit more. So, on to blue.

I will admit that I cheated again. I used photos that I already had, but it’s better than nothing, and they are just too cute not to share anyway. I think with all the craziness going on right now my brain has been pretty fried. Every time we get a new topic I think, “Oh great, I like this one.” Then, I go completely blank. The sad thing is that I came up with a lot of the topics, and really they’re not difficult, I just can’t seem to get too creative at the moment.

Anyway, thank you to those who continued to send in your photos and support me during what I will be referring to as The Crash of 2011, in hopes that it will be the ONLY one. As for the last few View posts, I will be posting those shortly, just thought I’d start with this one first.

My view of blue is something that brings endless smiles to may face. I have the pleasure of viewing my blue daily, and there’s just nothing quite like it. I love that my children have traits from my husband and myself, but I super love that they all got my eyes! I love that all our eyes have the ability to look grayish and dark blue or if the light hits them just right, they are bright and baby blue. I’ve not noticed it yet with these guys, but when I cry, my eyes turn teal, which is pretty cool, except for the crying part. Anyway, here it is, enjoy.

 Check out some more blue here and here (if they’re caught up, that is).

And a little more blue for you 🙂


Top: Jordan Nuques- Martinez, GA: Just had to take a pic of my favorite purse when I heard of this week’s topic. Working with all of the various batik blues made me fall in love with the color all over again. 🙂

Center: Heather Fielder – Evans, GA: This is just a macro picture of one of the beads from my favorite necklace.

Thanks ladies for being patient with me and continuing to participate.


Our next topic is Overflow. This is sure to be a good one, hopefully I won’t go blank. As usual email your photo to me by Sunday if you’d like it included in the next week’s post. Happy shooting!