I met Annie recently through the MOMS Club of which I’ve been a member of for about 4 years. It is a wonderful organization, but more about the club another day.

Annie asked if I would be up for doing family photos for them before I left…umm, OF COURSE! Ava is just the sweetest little thing ever and it’s obvious that she is surrounded by love…and that she has daddy wrapped around her little finger!

Justin, you are just so sweet with her. I have never seen so much gushing from a father as I did during this session. Not the kind that makes you want to roll your eyes, no, no. This gushing was just so natural and I don’t think Justin even realized he was doing it. He is truly in love with both his girls.

At one point during the session I was photographing both the girls and Justin was behind me trying to get Ava’s attention. She smiled and he said, “Oh, she’s just so pretty.” This could be applied to either of the lovely ladies, however, I’m pretty sure Ava was the owner of the compliment for that particular minute.

I had a wonderful time with y’all, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.  Oh, and just in case you didn’t notice, I think Miss Ava has a thing for the camera 🙂