My mind instantly went to running water. Any effort to think outside the box, and I got nothin’, just more water. There’s nothing wrong with water, there really isn’t. If I had a good idea and time to execute an overflowing water photo, I’d do it, but I didn’t.

I considered a few other options, as well including, but not limited to…Bradley’s belly hanging over his shorts, Bradley spitting up his most recent meal, my pile of laundry that needs to be washed (I’m currently ignoring it), my pile of laundry that needs to be folded (going on day 2 of sitting beside me on the couch, I’m also ignoring this one), a chocolate fountain – I don’t have one, mountains of gold…yeah, none of that either.

My list was not really doing anything for me, and really if I shared a spit up photo, I may lose some followers. So, as I stared out the window wishing I had that chocolate fountain my eye focused on the flowers my hubster just brought home for me. Officially there’s nothing really overflowing in the bouquet, but there is this one flower that seems like it won’t be satisfied until it takes over. I looked at it and realized it seemed in a way to be overflowing within the bouquet. DING! I don’t know what it’s called, but I love it and its need to be different, stand out, and almost protect the other more simple flowers with its exquisite form.

Check out Rachael’s and Marcela’s view and here are the loyal and faithful view followers’ view of overflow!

Picture name: Overflow of information Name: Heather Fiedler Info:This week’s project couldn’t have been a better topic for me. The only problem was how I was going to capture it. So I decided to add in a little art work this time. I am overflowing with information these last couple of weeks before finals. This is how I always feel at the end of a quarter. HOW AM I GOING TO STUFF ALL THIS IN MY BRAIN AND REMEMBER IT. Mission overflow. Lol…..


 Jordan Nuques, Martinez, GA. The View: Overflow. My week was a little busy, so I had to go through some past photos and came up with this literal translation of the theme. The kids had a blast splishing and splashing in the afternoon heat at this backyard birthday party. Good times, good memories. 

Love it, ladies! Thanks for sticking with me! I hope your busy schedules calm down a bit!


Our next assignment topic is light. This could be lots of fun, I already have something in mind, which is usually NOT the case! Good luck and if you’d like your photo included, please have it to me by Sunday. Happy Shooting!