I vaguely recall last week writing that our topic would be light and that “I already had an idea.” Ummm, well, it’s gone. I have no idea what my idea was. Just like that I’m left stewing in the dark hole in my mind. I’m telling you, Julia Roberts said it best on Oprah…

Julia: Something happens to your brain when you have kids.

Oprah: What is it that happens?

Julia: It falls out.

Hahaha! It’s so true. The worst part is you think you’re doing ok, and then BAM! You’re in the middle of a session with a family you’ve known for several years and you blank on not one, but all of their names. True story, happened to me yesterday. Thankfully, they understand and bought me a margarita anyway. 🙂

But I digress! This week, since my “bright” idea burned out, I went scrolling through the unbelieveable amount of photos I have yet to blog (but the willbe blogged). I came across these two that I loved from a wedding I had the privelege of second shooting in March.

The band for this wedding was INCREDIBLE! Truly, they could play anything. Anything! And they had wigs and all sorts of fun things to go along with their songs. Part of their setup was the colored lights that would change from blue, to red, to white, to yellow. At first it was a little tricky to photograph the dancing people or even some of the band because the light would change so quickly that once I had my settings right on my camera, it would change and I’d have to do it again, but I quickly got the hang of it and I love the images that came from my effort! I think the added color from the lights really set the mood for the moment. I only wish I could remember the name of the band, just to give them mad props for their performance (yep, I just said mad props, just move on)!


Check and see if these lovely ladies have their view of light up, yet…Rachael and Marcela. And it’s looking like our View following has dwindled to one this week. We’ll need to reignite the passion for the view!!! Come on people, break out those cameras and challenge yourselves!!!


Both by Heather Fielder:

A. For this picture I was sitting at the pool and the reflection of the sun light in the puddle of pool water hit my eye. I didn’t have my camera with me so I grabbed my cell phone camera and took this picture. It came out pretty nice for my cell phone but what a great way to capture light and represent all that is summer……the pool.

B. I did two pictures for the topic light this time. I was trying to think of something to do for light and a light bulb went of in my head and I thought what a great way to capture light. Also we are learning in physics this week about light refraction and reflection. So when I took the picture I angled the flash in just the right way so that I could get the rainbow reflection on the wall. So for me this week wasn’t just about light but what you can do with it.

Thanks, Heather for your submissions 🙂


Well, it’s a good think that I am posting this right now seeing as how our next assignment requires you to take a picture today! Your assignment is to capture the moment, your view at 5:55pm EST today! See, there, now way more people can join in! Pick up your cameras and happy shooting!