This little one made her debut in a fairly quick way. Just about a week before her due date, she came full speed ahead! Lauren, a first time mom, went from timing contractions to thinking they may not make it to the hospital in time! Thankfully, they did and everything continued quickly, but all were healthy.

We started Madeline’s session at her house when she was 7 days old, but we ran out of time and she decided that she was going to see what this whole wide awake thing was all about. So, the following day Lauren loaded her up for their first outing alone to my house to continue the session.

Madeline was just sweet as can be. She had her spells of being awake, but she was fairly willing to snuggle into the blankets and get some shut eye! It’s hard to be a baby, afterall! I learned that she loves to have her hands curled in tight at her chest. She fought me hard to keep them there, but I did sneak a few shots in before she curled back up.

Lauren and Lynn, congratulations! This is going to be the hardest, but most rewarding thing you have ever done. She’s precious and I’m thrilled I had the chance to do these photos for y’all. Here is your sneak peek!

 All in a day’s work. A much needed snuggle from Mommy to end our session.

With love,