I thoroughly enjoyed this session. Thoroughly. The Jordan Family met me bright and early to ensure that sweet Emma would be a happy camper. Although it may be difficult to peel out of bed early enough to meet at 7:30am, it is soooo worth it. The weather is perfect, everything is quiet and peaceful, and the light is beautiful.

Along with the peaceful, quiet morning, this session was extra fabulous because the Jordan family is just so laid back. I absolutely love that they spent the time during the session just playing with Emma. They talked to her, showed her things around them, played little games, and allowed her to explore. They even allowed that exploration to take place in a puddle. Yes in a puddle.

Many people would have a heart attack if their little ones sat in a puddle and started playing in the middle of a photo session, and that’s OK, too if you’re going for something more put together and formal. Anne and Jeff, however, just let Emma be Emma, and I’m grateful for that.

I enjoyed watching Emma discover the little bugs around her, crushing the flowers as she would squeeeeeeeze them (the cutest thing ever, by the way), and her eyes light up as Jeff pointed out the puddle. She padded on over and wiggled her toes in the cool water. It was not long before her bottom was in it and she was kicking her feet back and forth and slapping the water over and over. The innocence of the moment was enough to make me smile for the rest of the day.

Thank you Anne and Jeff for contacting me and allowing me to share your morning.