With your first child you do everything and anything. It’s fabulous, really. I signed up for every class I could find, joined groups with kiddos the same age, made trips here and there with ease all because I wanted to expose Drew to everything I could…and I did.

Add two almost 8 month olds, selling a house, getting ready to purchase another one, a graduation, a business, and the excessive laundry to the list and I can honestly say that it’s a whole lot harder to do that “everything and anything” I did with Drew. However, that doesn’t stop me from trying!

I’m so excited that the twinlets are taking a waterbabies class at the Family Y…the same class I had Drew in when he was 6 months old. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, because although I’m willing to try just about anything and push my limits, I knew I couldn’t hold two wiggly babies in the water and do the activities they were doing. Thankfully, I have a fabulous husband who agreed to take the class with me. Hooray! Not a moment of hesitation, he just said, “Sure” and that was that.

It saved me from tons of guilt and possibly some therapy, which would have inevitably come had I been forced to choose one twinlet over the other to do the class first, or had I tried to sign them up the same day with back to back classes, or had I not done the class at all! 

So, on Tuesday at 5:55PM we were quickly trying to get the babies in their little swimmer diapers and super cute bathing suits and into the water before the welcome song was sung. I quickly realized the time just before running to help Charley with one of the little stinkers and had to turn back to my bag. I literally grabbed the camera, pointed, and shot…I don’t think I even saw anything clearly and I certainly didn’t pose anything (obviously)!

By a photographer’s standards, it’s a terrible photo. By a mother’s standards….

it’s priceless!

Check out what the West Coaster was up to at this time and everyone else is below 🙂

A. Erin Hykin – I don’t let my boys go naked around the house because I don’t want to fight to get clothes on them all the time.  (We have a big enough struggle just getting out of jammies.)  However, they are allowed to do a “bare naked run” through the house on the way to the bath at night, which Zach was doing with glee at 5:55 last night.

B. Heather Fielder – This picture was taken at 5:55 on the 7th of June. We just got done taking the tape off our front door because we refinished it.

C. Stephanie Henry – At 5:55 on Tuesday we were at my sons’ final soccer practice.  My older son was playing goalie at the time. I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone for this picture.  🙂

Yay for more participation this week! I love seeing what everyone is doing at a particular time.


Our next assignment is Angles not to be confused with angels – the people with wings! Let’s see what you can come up with for this one 🙂 Send it to me by Sunday if you’d like it included in my post. Happy shooting!