I have a new favorite product. Well, it’s not really all that new to me, but it may be new to some of you (sorry for the rhyme, I promise I’m not trying to channel Dr. Seuss).

Anyway, my new favorite product is the Standout. It is a fantastic way to show off your photos, but oh so much better. Why do you think it’s better, Melissa? Well, dear friends and clients, I shall show you…

On top of how beautifully they show off your photo they “standout” from the wall 3/4″ and here’s the best part…there is no need for a frame! Brilliant! I am notorious for printing photos and not framing them. I have loose photos scattered around the house just waiting for that perfect frame to come rescue it from a life of isolation as it sits forever feeling unprotected!

And there you go, just an idea. Happy Tuesday!