I set my alarm to get up at 5:30 to try to catch up on some work. Of course, when I do that, it’s as if I send a subliminal message to the children that reside in this house saying, “I’ve set it for x o’clock, let’s see who can get up before that!”

Sure enough Bradley started crying at about 4am. Bradley is not the kind of child that fusses and then goes back to sleep. Nor will he allow you to come gently rub his back or rock him and cuddle. Oh no, when he awakes crying, you are in for it. I picked him up to try to rock him anyway, knowing full well it wouldn’t work. He proceeded to cry, arch his back, and push my face. I gave in and fed him just so that he could puke all over me. I wasn’t shocked by this occurrance as it happens every time he wakes up like that and I feed him. Cry, feed, puke, clean up, smiles, back to bed. It’s just how we work around here.

Well, you can imagine that after all the shenanigans (yes, it’s my favorite word lately) I was pretty wide awake. I changed my clothes (due to the puke), and looked at my bed. Big decisions to be made. I could 1. climb back in and get snuggly and drift off to dreamland (only to be awoken in a couple hours feeling super groggy and extra cranky) or 2. just get up and start my day. I opted for number 2, this time.

I padded down the stairs quietly and went directly to my computer. It glowed to life and I began my work with it providing the only light in the room. 4:30am is quite early and I was feeling rather proud of myself for being so productive. I made my list and it seemed longer than usual. As I stared at my  list starting to feel overwhelmed there was a sudden burst of light that landed directly on the side of my face. It confused me at first, but I looked to the left to see the sun rising and the glow coming through the pine trees right into my living room.

A moment passed and I was at total peace. Just watching as the sun quickly worked its way above those trees and how the light that glowed through the back door quickly changed it’s angle. It was just so pretty. Soft and warm, that light helped me feel centered for the remainder of the day.

I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few photos to remember how the light danced across my couch. Such a simple thing, yet it was enough to make me feel truly happy. Just thought I’d share a bit of it with you.

Happy Monday!