Our latest assignment was to take a photo on Friday at 6:33pm EST, (which by the way is totally throwing me off now that I’m on central time – I had to remind myself all day about the time difference).

Drew’s favorite passtime lately is to run and check the mail…several times a day. We had just gone out to check it a while earlier and there was nothing. Suddenly, we hear someone beeping their horn. Drew runs to the window to see our mail lady in our driveway with a package.  So, at 5:33 pm Drew opened his first birthday gift from my friend, Lauren in Augusta. What a fantastic surprise and amazing box of treasures! Thank you, Lauren, he was a very happy little boy!

I know I’ve been slow going with all of this, but I’m trying to get back to my normal. Thank you everyone for being so patient.

Stephanie Henry submitted her photo for this week. Thanks for joining in, Stephanie!

“We just finished dinner and my oldest was very determined to finish coloring his flag.”


Our next assignment theme is brown texture. Good luck and please have your submissions to me by Sunday night. Happy shooting!