Yes, I realize this theme opens the door for plenty of jokes and nonsense…if you’re the childish type. If you’re the type that likes immature jokes, this could be the theme for you, but not today. Not that I’m above childish jokes and immature nonsense. In fact, I find those things quite funny, however, I chose to pretend to have a maturity level higher than that of a 12-year-old boy for a moment.

In case you’ve not been keeping track of me (gasp!) I’ve moved with my family to Louisiana. In this new home, I have an office space – insert angels singing here. This office will contain my business things, scrapbook gear, stamping supplies, homeschooling school room, teaching resources for Drew and resources I collected while I was teaching, our china, sewing machine, and post-it notes gallore!

Two things occurred to me while I unpacked…1. I have a lot of hobbies that require a lot of equipment and 2. I needed something to store said hobbies in A -SAP! 

We headed to a somewhat nearby city and found just what I needed! So, here’s my brown texture, not too much to it, but it does have some great detail. It might be a bit of a stretch, but I love it anyway.

Miss Heather joined us this week with her view of brown texture. Here it is 🙂

Cookie by Heather F. – Brown texture. This is one of my favorite brown textures. A chocolate chip cookie. mmmmm……



So, for this next week, we’re going to double up so we can try to catch up a bit. The makeup topic will be work and our topic for next week will be motivation. Please have your photo to me by Sunday if you’d like it included. Happy shooting!