Yesterday was World Photography Day, hooray! I hope you all took some time to grab a few photos. I did get a couple, but I have not had a chance to load anything yet. Will, one of the twinlets has been pretty sickly with a fever and I’ve been spending some extra snuggle time with him. So, that explains my late post.

Anyway, I took this photo a few days ago in Dallas. I love it for its simplicity. There’s nothing extraordinary in the event, no real milestone being met, but there is something amazing in moments between mother and son. We see it day in and day out, but when you catch it in a frame and can freeze a moment like this…well, it is extraordinary.  To be able to forever see the adoration in both parent and child for one another is simply sensational! Plus, it’ll be a wonderful thing to get you through those teenage years…maybe!

Happy belated World Photography Day, everyone!