I had a friend come visit me a couple of weeks ago who is just getting started with running – so exciting! We sat there chatting and I listened as she explained how things were going. She said she had never been a runner and she wanted to run a 5K, however, she was so concerned with fitting in the training with her incredibly busy work/family/church schedule. I totally get it!

It’s so hard to fit runs in with life going on all around you. I told her my view of the runs: they are for me, they are my selfish time. I do so much for my family and for others, that I was determined to make this work and keep it for myself. In order to train for a race, you have to be dedicated to a schedule. The runs must get done, and I made it work. Charley had an incredibly intense schedule, but once a week, he knew he would be watching Drew for a couple of hours while I ran. Marcela’s husband was also amazing, as he would watch Drew when Charley had to work.

Anyway, as I was telling my friend about making a schedule work, even if it meant squeezing it in, or others helping you along the way, I realized that I haven’t been making it work for me lately. I’ve had excuses coming from all directions, valid ones, probably, but that’s not good enough for me. In that conversation, I found my motivation to get my butt in gear. Then, I found this picture, which furthered my determination. It’s an old picture, but one that I hold dear to my heart.

 Three incredible friends after our first ever half-marathon. 13.1 miles that we trained for together. Up at the crack of dawn to meet for long runs, so that we could be back to get our kids when the husbands had to go to work. Endless conversations about Gu and Running Beans, playlists being swapped, and determination driving us all. I love my girls, and motivation is a powerful thing!

We had one other motivation entry this week, it’s below:

Heather Fielder – Georgia – Nothing motivates me more than the scale. And most of the reason that I am on the scale is those damn cookies. I just can’t help myself. So they are my un-motivation. Lol….

Thanks, Heather! And good luck! hehehe!


Our next assignment topics are Orange (makeup topic) and Doors. Submissions are due to me by Sunday if you’d like me to include them. Happy shooting!