If you ever stepped foot into my home in Augusta and saw my “dining room” first, I’m sorry you had to see that and second, you’ll be so proud of me!

My Augusta dining room started out as the dining room complete with china cabinet and table to seat 6 or 8, maybe it was 10. Really, I don’t know because we never used it to its full capacity, at least not for seating people. It slowly became completely overrun by sewing paraphernalia, loads of fabric stashed everywhere. Then the scrapbooking supplies were competing for dominance. Little did either expect for the stamping hobby to begin causing them to cower in the dark cabinet that now resided in there, too. There was still not enough room. I packed up our china with my fabulous friend, Marcela, and used that cabinet for more storage. The final straw was photography. At this point there was no way to hide anything. We also had a lack of storage in the house so guess where everything that didn’t have a home lived. Yep, in the dining room.

When we moved to Louisiana we were hoping for an additional room, but were not so lucky. I claimed the dining room and Charley said, “I do not want another situation like Augusta.” Me either! Now add in that I’ll be homeschooling Drew and have ALL of my teaching supplies that did live in our attic for the last 5 years. Are you worried for me? Well, don’t be. I have worked very hard to create a good work space that houses ALL of my needs! Wanna see?


What you can’t see is a bookcase, sidebar with cabinets and drawers, Drew’s school table/desk, our china cabinet with…china! Yaaay!

OK, here are our other participants’ photos of work.

A. Heather Fielder –¬†Georgia – I thought about doing a lot of stuff for work. I could take pictures of my school books, or my to do list. But I decided to think outside the box a little. This picture shows the cars driving by my house coming home from work. You can see
their headlights and there taillights.

B. Beth Brewer – Tennessee – He was working so hard to perfectly paint each part of the wooden dinosaur model I thought this was fitting.

Thank y’all for joining in! I hope to see more submissions as we get back into the swing of things.

Next Week’s Assignment:

I will share our next assignment with the motivation post :o)