We’re playing catch up this morning, so I’ve allowed Drew to have some computer time while I made phone calls, caught up on emails,…and took a shower. Ok, I know, a lot of computer time, but it’s not usually like that, really.

Anyway, after my shower (which was FABULOUS due to the new shower head Charley installed – no more showering against the wall in fear of being shot in the eyes, nose, or even ear – but I digress), I told Drew to shut off the computer and go get dressed.  He immediately hopped off the chair and headed for his room. About three minutes later he comes running/hopping (because that’s how he travels) through the kitchen into the office saying, “How do I look?”

My answer: “Fabulous!”

Man, this little boy has a way of lighting up a room and making my heart sing!

Here’s hoping you have some moments of cheery brightness today.

Happy Monday!