I wiped the table clean for the final time and pushed in the chairs. I unfurled the new rug that added just a pinch of comfy to the room, exactly what it was missing. I hopped over it, not wanting to leave my footprints in it already, and viewed the room from the front hallway, then from the kitchen.

Sigh. Yes, I’m satisfied. It has all come together better than I anticipated. One might never guess that I lost sleep over this whole homeschooling thing. Standing there looking at Drew’s desk to be, I find myself smiling, completely confident in my decision.

While we are still missing a few things that will come with time, we are ready to begin Drew’s Kindergarten year. How in the world we rushed to this point, I have no idea. This race is one that I didn’t care to sign up for, but since no one asked me how long a day, week, month, year should actually be, I suppose I’ll pace myself and enjoy it. I’ll try to remind myself to slow down, so I don’t lose my breath, so I don’t stumble, so I don’t miss anything, and so my son isn’t rushing to catch up missing things himself. I will challenge him, but walk when we need to. I will cheer him on, but remind him of his form, I will be there. I will see his success and congratulate him, I will see his failures and guide him, and I will be there.

I really can’t think of anything better than being a part of my child’s education. So, with that, I glance over my plans one last time for today, shoe the cat off of my new rug (yes, I know it’s shoo the cat, unless you are in my house, then you use an actual shoe), and push in my chair. For tomorrow and amazing adventure begins.

Happy Labor Day!