Our first stop when visiting Seattle was the Pike’s Place Fish Market. Super fun! Nothing like seeing large fish being thrown over people. I do wonder about these fish they are buying. They were huge I tell you. I wondered if they were purchasing them for actual parties or just to see them throw the fish. Hmm, either way, entertaining it was. As we wandered away from the flying fish, we of course needed to tour the market’s restrooms. Touring restrooms has become a favorite pastime with this family since Drew always seems to need to go no matter where we are. Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because of this tour de potties that I found this little book shop. Inside the market is this small room completely crammed with books. Initially, I loitered outside the door because the thought of bringing the twinlets into the shop would be not only ridiculous, but impossible.

I finally decided to step inside and left the kiddos with Charley digging through boxes of books that stood guard on either side of the doorway. It is a little overwhelming to see so many books stacked in all directions, hard to focus on reading one title at a time, but once I zoned in, I began to feel transported to another world. Sounds fell away, distractions of all sorts disappeared, and the books waited patiently for me call them by name. As I came to the back corner of the store I felt as though I returned home from a long trip. If only I had hours upon hours to sit in this little corner and be swallowed by my surroundings…sigh. It created a hunger I have known before, but one that I have ignored for quite sometime. You see it’s always pushed to the bottom of the list, which would explain why I have been reading the same book for exactly 3 months!!!

I wish I could tell you that I left that shop in a peaceful state, returned to my book, and finished it that evening. I did not. I did leave  with a content feeling, a push to keep reading my book, and a happy place in my head that little nooks like this exist.

Here’s hoping your happy nook is one that you can get to every now and then.

Happy Friday!