We made our way through 7 different waterfalls. Following the trail with two babies strapped to our chests, and a bouncing boy scooting ahead, falling behind, and running circles in between, we explored the Silver Falls. Breathtaking is what it was.

As we rounded the corner towards another waterfall, I stopped to admire this tree. I was mesmerized by it. It almost isn’t even fitting to call it a tree, that’s much too ordinary of a name. It’s much too substantial to be a basic tree. This one truly seemed to be not only alive, but extremely wise. He knew much, had seen much, had experienced more. As I took this photo, I felt that he was watching me, another spectator traipsing through. It is this sort of tree of which stories are made, perhaps I will have to make one myself one day.

Enjoy the splendor and the mystery!

Happy Monday!