Hello. My name is Melissa…and…I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’m addicted to it even more so than when I first discovered Facebook. I do NOT need another addiction. My plate is full….I can’t say no! This is my silly inner turmoil. Is it important or even necessary? Of course not.

I found myself hitting that repin button faster than I could read some of the descriptions. Many times I repinned them into the wrong categories due to my lightning speed clicking. For instance, you might find a super cute ensemble under the “Books I Love” board, or a fabulous organizing idea under the “Food” board. My brain can’t seem to keep up, what can I say?

I’m not going to pretend that any of this even matters, however, I can use it, to make it matter. I have found plenty of fun activities or learning tools to use with the kiddos, I have found fun ideas to make family time more meaningful or just different than the everyday bit. The key to it all is follow through.The point is that I am completing Pinterest inspired things and here is one done just today. Again, not something that is going to change the world, but it does make things a little simpler, prettier, and makes me smile when I walk into my closet.

This was a hook that has traveled with us from our home in Galveston, TX (5+ years ago). It has been sitting in several different rooms since we moved here and just gets moved along and overlooked. Our bathroom hardware is the shiny stuff, and this wouldn’t really fit, so it sat on my closet floor for a month…until today! Voila! And note, the camera necklace front and center?  I didn’t even set that up, it just knew where it belonged! So, here’s to happy pinning, and happy completion of said pins 😛

Happy Monday!