Happy Halloween!!!

Can you believe that it’s here, and practically gone? I truly don’t know where this time is going. It seems as though we have suddenly been set on warp speed and can’t find the big red button to slow us down a bit.

We have been extremely busy this fall and traveling just about every weekend, and sometimes during the week, as well. I love to travel, I do, but it is starting to get a little exhausting. Lugging the three kiddos around and trying to keep up with everything could definitely bring on some premature wrinkles! Anyway, I was happy to be home for our first Louisiana Halloween. While I’m bummed the hubster couldn’t join us this year due to training, I am thankful that we have such nice neighbors and friends to let us tag along. Drew chose to be a knight this year simply because he would get to carry two swords and a shield (it’s what came in the kit), but later decided that he could be Peter from Narnia – it worked out nicely. Bradley was a tiger sporting his favorite color, orange, and Will was a monkey, though he does kind of look like a bear. Whatever, they were cute, cute! Everyone was thoroughly worn out and had a great time.

I hope your Halloween was as festive or low-key as you hoped. I love seeing everyone’s photos from the evening. If you’d like to leave a link to your blog posts in the comments for me to see, I’d love to have them.

Here are my sweet boys. They melt my heart, they really do.


Happy spooking!