It’s in this brief moment that I find myself reflecting. It’s in this moment that I finally permit that deep breath to pass my lips, the one that I’ve selfishly reigned in all day.  I wonder why a deep breath should ever be suppressed.

The hours, minutes, seconds are tracked carefully, sometimes with hopes in speeding them up, sometimes not. It’s in this moment that I scold myself for wishing time away. As the embers of the day begin to cool, and the sky seems to scream for just a bit more time, I yearn for my running shoes and the quiet peace they bring me.

The realization hits that this moment will pass all too quickly and I will not have soaked it in to the bone, as I wish to. It’s in this moment that I promise myself tomorrow will be an even better day, and I will cherish all of my many blessings. For this moment is the only guarantee we really have.