Ahhh, Christmas time… A time for hot cocoa with marshmallows, cookies gallore (my fave!), finding that perfect gift for your loved ones, singing songs and holding hands, and creating beautiful, easy-going, natural memories to share on your Christmas cards….HALT! What? Is this how your holiday season goes? Perhaps if you live the world of the Stepford Wives!

In reality, if you’re like me in any way, shape, or form your hot cocoa packets have hardened from sitting in the pantry since last year, your marshmallows are all glued together – the only way you’re getting those suckers in your cocoa (should you be able to hammer out the powder) is by dropping the remainder of the bag into your mug. You began baking those cookies for the neighbors so that you’d be the thoughtful, on top of things neighbor that everyone loves, but you only had enough ingredients to make two batches – true story. You certainly can’t deliver them to only two homes because then you’re the snooty neighbor who only shares exclusively with certain neighbors, therefore creating a clique in the mind of others. As for the perfect gift, you’re hoping you can find it while in the middle of grocery shopping, surely it’s ok to still get that cologne that is packaged so nicely next to Hello Kitty’s new fragrance! Then, of course, there’s the family pictures…

Considering how nicely everything else has gone, surely this will go smoothly, right? Have you ever thought about your own photographer getting their family shots in? I bet you imagined the whole event to be completely blissful with cooperative kids, an abundance of smiley faces, a quick session with no need to retake even one photo. I mean, we are professionals so we shouldn’t have a single hiccup, right? In fact, I believe the birds were singing us a sweet song through the whole process. One even landed on my finger and we whistled a duet.

Hahahaha! Oh, my friends….insert head shake here. Christmas pictures are always an epic event within themselves, no matter who the subject may be. Sunday we met up with my friend and photographer, Liz to get our photos taken. That’s the hubster, a five-year-old who is extremely bouncy, and twin boys that are not only mobile, but move in opposite directions, and yours truly (who makes a plethora of ridiculous faces – ones that I’m only now beginning to realize I may make multiple times per day). Anyway, Liz did a fantastic job getting our photos done, I’m so very thankful for her. I will have to save my favorites for after my Christmas cards go out (yes they will likely be late), but for now, I thought you might appreciate the blooper reel to prove that even though I’m a photographer, it’s just as crazy for me!

All photos were taken by Liz of Lizvette Wreath Photography. Go check her out 🙂 I promise she got some fantastic ones! These are just the ones she kept in there for the sole purpose of the memories!

Ahhhh, Christmas time…