I spend a great deal of time with my camera and all things related. Photography is my passion, my profession, my hobby. When I’m not working on photos, I’m reading about how to make my images better. I’ve been asked before how I learned the things I know. The quick answer…I read everything I can get my hands on, talk to others, watch and attend workshops, and the biggie…I practice!

In my previous town there was a group that would meet sporadically for themed sponsored sessions. Unfortunately, it never worked with my schedule, but I loved the idea. My friend, Rachael is a member of a group that meets in her town, as well. They travel to nearby locations to explore different types of landscape photography, or to try out new skills or tricks. It’s all about experiencing new things or sharing what you know with those who have a passion for the craft.

I’ve been in the Leesville area since July and I don’t know many people. I know it takes time, but it’s a very isolating feeling. I’m social, I crave interaction with other people, especially those that have similar interests. Before moving out here I searched for a group that would combine the social and my love for photography and came up empty handed. Therefore, I’ll try my hand at starting a group myself! I chatted with my friend, Liz about this the other day and she was super excited about the idea. Well, that’s the only push I need! So, here’s the idea:

The goal for this group is to explore our surroundings, learn new skills, share experiences (in a positive setting), and  to take some great pictures! This group is for those who are professionals, aspiring professionals, and hobbyists. This group is not to try to sell things to one another, it is not a place that we gather to talk about other members or photographers, it is not a place for negativity. With that said, it’s also not a place that we will openly give you every bit of information we’ve learned on our way. Sharing is one thing, mooching is another. Just throwing that out there. It’s never fun to feel like you’re being taken advantage of…the idea that someone is there to get everything out of you and give nothing in return to the group. We work hard for what we learn and do and we hope that future members will do the same.

If you are interested in being a member of this group, I encourage you to leave a comment with your email address or shoot me an email – melissa@melissaaphotography.com

I can compile a list and we can work to organize our first meeting, to start something exciting for the new year!

 Here’s to new adventures!