Last year my friends and I began a photo project entitled The View. It was such a fun way to stay connected and connect to other friends throughout the country. I truly loved every week, but with twin babies on the move, my husband’s graduation, 2-week study course in Maine, a full blown move to Louisiana and trying to get settled, well, I fell behind. I kept thinking I’d pick it up the next week and make up for the week’s I’d missed, but everything along with my photos (and time for them) got lost in the shuffle of life.

Things are still not completely calm, I don’t think life is ever truly calm for anyone, but it’s probably as quiet as it will ever be. Enter The View 2012! I’ve made a few changes this time around, not to leave anyone out by any means, but simply to try to create a project I can stick to despite added craziness that might present itself. Last year I asked all participants to send me their photos and a brief summary. As much as I love that, it was time consuming to resize all the photos, set them in a storyboard, and copy and paste each summary. So, here’s my solution…a link party! Hooray!

Here’s what you’ll do if you’d like to participate:

1. Check out the theme for the week

2. Take your photo

3. Post it on your own blog and link to me, share the link with me and I can link to you, etc. Please make sure that it’s a link to your specific View post and not to the entire blog 🙂

4. If you don’t have a blog, you can use flickr or tumblr, etc. Anywhere you can post pictures and get a link. Paste the url link into my comments section for that specific post.

That’s it! Then we can all share in everyone’s photos, your summary can be as brief, long, or nonexistent as you like, and it won’t be as time consuming! Brilliant!

Last year you would have to wait each week to find out the what the assignment would be for the following week…NO MORE! This time you will see that I have made the entire assignment list and I’m sharing all of it with you now! Brilliant times two! This way, you know what’s coming up, work ahead if you like, skip ones that you just can’t bear to do, etc. So, here you go: PS – Yes, I know that there are only 52 weeks in a year, I threw in a bonus week because I’m big on bonus anything. PPS – Yes, I realize we’re starting this late, so obviously we won’t finish until after the new year…that is all.

I plan to make my view post each Monday evening after kiddos are in bed, unless I happen to have it prepared (hahaha, silly me). I can’t wait to see who participates this time, I hope all of our friends from last year do and I’d love for more of you to join in. Spread the word, my friends, spread the word!

Happy Shooting!