Bang on the drums, tap the triangle, clap your spoons! My very dear friend has been published in Professional Photographer Magazine for her birth photos! Rachael, of rachael may Photography was contacted by the magazine and submitted a few photos upon request and here is the result! Below the full photo on the right side is hers. The super duper bonus is that she used photos from the birth of my twin boys! That photo below is Will just born! Below in the next pages is a photo she took of me holding both the boys and then on the right page, Charley carrying one of the twins out.

Such an amazing photographer, friend, and moments captured…and I can honestly say that, yes, I would be just as proud of her if she used photos from a different birth. If you’ve not seen her work…well, shame on you, head on over and visit to see all the fabulousness! 🙂

Happy Thursday!