Holy smokes, way to pick a first assignment for this project, Melissa!!! Don’t know what I was thinking, but apparently there’s no easing into this year’s The View!

The self-portrait proved to be more difficult than I imagined (and I imagined it to be pretty difficult). The biggest hurdle I came across was trying to figure out how to set my camera’s timer, then to run to the right spot and have everything adjusted (in manual, of course), and to actually have the focus, color, and everything else right. I spent about 30 minutes messing with my timer last night and gave up. I ended up just holding my beast of a camera out at arms length to try to get my self-portrait. I got one that I thought I’d use, but tried again this morning in my bathroom because the light is just so pretty in there. Plus, it’s much easier to take self-portraits when your husband isn’t watching you fumble with a camera one handed while trying to make any sort of normal expression, along with wearing a hat and trying to look Hollywood-esque! This is just a hypothetical of course, that didn’t really happen…ok, yes it did. He just watched and would occasionally shake his head…or raise his eyebrows, that’s kind of his thing. You can just feel judgement oozing out of him! Ha!

Soooo, like I was saying, much easier to do it when no one is watching! It also makes  you think about the expressions you make that you think know make you look awesome…hmmm, perhaps not. Anyway, I found this project probably more fun than I had any right to and I’m not gonna lie…I’m quite proud of myself! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it, too!

Here’s my self-portrait…

Now, add your link in my comments section so we can see your’s, as well!

Happy Monday!